Opial inequalities

Articles containing keyword "Opial inequalities":

FDC-06-05 » Some properties of Prabhakar-type fractional calculus operators (06/2016)

Articles containing keyword "Opial inequality":

MIA-01-17 » Opial type inequalities for linear differential operators (04/1998)
MIA-03-47 » On some integral inequalities of Opial type (10/2000)
MIA-07-36 » Opial's inequality for zero-area constraint (07/2004)
FDC-03-04 » An Opial-Type inequality for fractional derivatives of two functions (06/2013)
JMI-07-63 » Remark on Ozeki inequality for convex polygons (12/2013)
JMI-08-57 » Opial-type inequalities for two functions with general kernels and applications (12/2014)