Articles containing subject class 35A23:

JMI-05-35 » Remarks on some Wendroff type inequalities (09/2011)
MIA-16-12 » Wendroff type inequalities on time scales via Picard operators (01/2013)
MIA-17-08 » On necessary and sufficient conditions for variable exponent Hardy inequality (01/2014)
MIA-19-01 » On boundedness of fractional maximal operator in weighted Lp(.) spaces (01/2016)
MIA-19-78 » Inequalities for the Hartley-Fourier cosine polyconvolution (07/2016)
MIA-20-53 » Singular Moser-Trudinger inequality with the exact growth condition in n (07/2017)
MIA-21-06 » Scaling invariant Hardy type inequalities with non-standard remainder terms (01/2018)
MIA-21-73 » Limiting case Hardy inequalities on the sphere (10/2018)
MIA-22-20 » Polynomial inequalities in Lp norms with generalized Jacobi weights (01/2019)
MIA-23-32 » A weighted estimate for generalized harmonic extensions (04/2020)
MIA-23-50 » A new fractional order Poincare's inequality with weights (04/2020)
MIA-23-51 » On weighted Hardy-type inequalities (04/2020)
JMI-14-32 » Hardy inequalities and Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities with radial derivative (06/2020)
MIA-23-70 » Characterizations of weighted Hardy-Rellich inequalities and their applications (07/2020)
MIA-23-102 » Remarks on a limiting case of Hardy type inequalities (10/2020)
MIA-23-90 » Euler-Lagrange equations associated with extremal functions of several nonlocal inequalities (10/2020)
MIA-23-93 » Improved Hardy inequalities with exact remainder terms (10/2020)
MIA-24-19 » A multilinear Rellich inequality (01/2021)