Articles containing subject class 35B40:

MIA-09-60 » Phragmén-Lindelöf type alternative results for the stokes flow equation (10/2006)
DEA-01-15 » Blow-up properties for parabolic systems with localized nonlinear source (05/2009)
DEA-02-08 » Uniform attractors for the non-autonomous parabolic equation with nonlinear Laplacian principal part in unbounded domain (02/2010)
DEA-02-26 » On the hydrostatic Stokes approximation with non homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions (08/2010)
DEA-03-24 » On the asymptotic behaviours of solutions of third order non-linear autonomous differential equation governing the MHD flow (08/2011)
DEA-03-32 » Wave equation with p(x,t)-Laplacian and damping term: existence and blow-up (11/2011)
DEA-04-08 » A quasilinear parabolic model for population evolution (02/2012)
DEA-05-08 » Quasilinear elliptic problem with Hardy potential and a reaction-absorbtion term (02/2013)
DEA-05-36 » Asymptotics for nonlocal evolution problems by scaling arguments (11/2013)
DEA-06-32 » One-dimensional attractor for a non-autonomous strongly damped lattice system with periodic driving force (11/2014)
DEA-06-33 » Single-point blow-up for a semilinear reaction-diffusion system (11/2014)
DEA-07-12 » Blowup estimates for a family of semilinear SPDEs with time-dependent coefficients (05/2015)
DEA-07-13 » Nonlinear Schrödinger equation with Landau damping on a half-line (05/2015)
DEA-07-22 » Property of growth determined by spectrum of operator associated with the Timoshenko system with weakly dissipation (08/2015)
DEA-09-04 » Nonlinear model of quasi-stationary process in crystalline semiconductor (02/2017)
DEA-10-24 » Factorization techniques for the nonlinear model of quasi-stationary processes in crystalline semiconductors (11/2018)