Caputo derivative

Articles containing keyword "Caputo derivative":

FDC-01-07 » Homotopy perturbation method to fractional biological population equation (12/2011)
FDC-04-01 » Well-posedness and regularity of the Cauchy problem for nonlinear fractional in time and space equations (06/2014)
FDC-04-06 » On a local solvability of the multidimensional Muskat problem with a fractional derivative in time on the boundary condition (12/2014)
FDC-06-08 » On partial fractional differential equations with variable coefficients (06/2016)
FDC-07-07 » Solvability of a linear system with a nonlocal term in a boundary condition (12/2017)
FDC-08-09 » Qualitative results for solutions to nonlinear Caputo differential equations satisfying the Osgood condition (06/2018)
FDC-10-10 » Successive approximations of solutions to the Caputo fractional differential equations (12/2020)
FDC-10-17 » On the stability and stabilization of some semilinear fractional differential equations in Banach spaces (12/2020)
FDC-12-14 » A comparative study on some semi-analytical methods for the solutions of fractional partial integro-differential equations (12/2022)
FDC-13-04 » A uniqueness determination of the fractional exponents in a three-parameter fractional diffusion (06/2023)
FDC-13-05 » Some results on mixed fractional integrodifferential equation in matrix MB-space (06/2023)

Articles containing keyword "Caputo derivatives":

DEA-08-04 » Practical Stability of Caputo fractional differential equations by Lyapunov functions (02/2016)

Articles containing keyword "the Caputo derivatives":

FDC-12-05 » On the uniqueness of solutions of two inverse problems for the subdiffusion equation (06/2022)