Čebyšev functional

Articles containing keyword "Čebyšev functional":

MIA-08-30 » Some Determinantal Inequalities (04/2005)
MIA-09-09 » On a Čebyšev-type functional and Grüss-like bounds (01/2006)
JMI-03-53 » Inequalities of Grüss type involving the p-HH-norms in the Cartesian product space (12/2009)
JMI-06-14 » Schur-convexity of the weighted Čebyšev functional II (03/2012)
JMI-08-10 » Some new Ostrowski-type bounds for the Čebyšev functional and applications (03/2014)
JMI-08-43 » On extensions and applications of the Beesack inequality for bounding Riemann-Stieltjes integrals (09/2014)
JMI-09-15 » Steffensen's generalization of Čebyšev inequality (03/2015)
JMI-09-25 » Harmonic polynomials and generalizations of Ostrowski-Grüss type inequality and Taylor formula (03/2015)
MIA-18-72 » A generalized Čebyšev functional for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral (07/2015)
MIA-18-118 » Popoviciu type inequalities via Green function and generalized Montgomery identity (10/2015)
JCA-07-12 » Refinements of the majorization theorems via Fink identity and related results (10/2015)
JMI-09-92 » Some inequalities for the Čebyšev functional and Euler two-point formulae (12/2015)
MIA-19-86 » Hermite interpolation and inequalities involving weighted averages of n-convex functions (10/2016)
MIA-19-91 » Generalization of Popoviciu type Inequalities via Green's function and Fink's identity (10/2016)
MIA-19-92 » Generalization of majorization theorem via Taylor's formula (10/2016)
MIA-19-96 » Popoviciu type inequalities via Hermite's polynomial (10/2016)
JMI-11-80 » Generalization of Jensen's and Jensen-Steffensen's inequalities by generalized majorization theorem (12/2017)
MIA-22-85 » Popoviciu type inequalities for higher order convex functions via Lidstone interpolation (10/2019)
MIA-26-59 » Inequality of Hardy-type for n-convex function via interpolation polynomial and Green functions (10/2023)

Articles containing keyword "Cebysev functional":

JMI-09-70 » Generalization of majorization theorem (09/2015)