Hardy-Hilbert inequality

Articles containing keyword "Hardy-Hilbert inequality":

JMI-01-15 » An extension on the Hardy-Hilbert integral inequality and its applications (06/2007)
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JMI-03-62 » Hilbert inequality and Gaussian hypergeometric functions (12/2009)
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Articles containing keyword "Hardy-Hilbert's inequality":

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JMI-18-14 » On a more accurate reverse Hardy-Hilbert's inequality with two partial sums (03/2024)

Articles containing keyword "Hardy-Hilbert's integral inequality":

JMI-03-14 » A generalization of multiple Hardy-Hilbert's integral inequality (03/2009)

Articles containing keyword "the Hardy-Hilbert inequality":

MIA-19-06 » Some new Hardy type inequalities with general kernels II (01/2016)