Hardy type operator

Articles containing keyword "Hardy type operator":

MIA-03-27 » Weighted inequality for some classical integral operators: 0 < p <1 (04/2000)

Articles containing keyword "Hardy type operators":

JMI-12-55 » Multi-dimensional Hardy type inequalities in Hölder spaces (09/2018)
JMI-15-57 » Some mixed weak type inequalities (06/2021)

Articles containing keyword "Hardy-type operator":

MIA-16-01 » Necessary and sufficient conditions for boundedness of the Hardy-type operator from a weighted Lebesgue space to a Morrey-type space (01/2013)
MIA-23-73 » Weighted iterated discrete Hardy-type inequalities (07/2020)
MIA-26-38 » Weighted estimates for a class of matrix operators (07/2023)

Articles containing keyword "Hardy-type operators":

JMI-11-45 » Mapping properties of Hardy-type operators involving general functions (06/2017)
JMI-11-47 » Some new iterated Hardy-type inequalities and applications (06/2017)
MIA-26-54 » Some new multidimensional Cochran-Lee and Hardy type inequalities (10/2023)