Kantorovich constant

Articles containing keyword "Kantorovich constant":

MIA-06-48 » Specht ratio S(1) can be expressed by Kantorovich constant K(p) : S(1)= exp[K'(1)] and its application (07/2003)
MIA-08-48 » Kantorovich type reverse inequalities for operator norm (07/2005)
MIA-09-66 » Bounds for the ratio and difference between parallel sum and series via Mond-Pečarić method (10/2006)
JMI-05-47 » Refined Young inequality with Kantorovich constant (12/2011)
JMI-08-56 » Operator inequalities involving the arithmetic, geometric, Heinz and Heron means (12/2014)
JMI-10-44 » Improved Young and Heinz inequalities with the Kantorovich constant (06/2016)
JMI-10-58 » Reverses and variations of Young's inequalities with Kantorovich constant (09/2016)
JMI-11-02 » Some refinements of operator inequalities for positive linear maps (03/2017)
JMI-11-27 » Improved Jensen-type inequalities via linear interpolation and applications (06/2017)
OaM-12-64 » The new reverses of Young type inequalities for numbers, operators and matrices (12/2018)
JMI-13-04 » A reverse of Young inequality (03/2019)
JMI-15-19 » On the operator Aczél inequality and its reverse (03/2021)
MIA-24-52 » The upper boundary for the ratio between n-variable operator power means (07/2021)
JMI-16-78 » Some refinements of Young type inequalities (09/2022)
JMI-17-15 » Some new improvements of Young's inequalities (03/2023)
OaM-17-32 » Further new refinements and reverses of real power form for Young-type inequalities via famous constants and applications (06/2023)
JMI-18-18 » Further improvements for Young's inequalities on the arithmetic, geometric, and harmonic mean (03/2024)
JMI-18-28 » Some refinements of Young type inequalities (06/2024)
JMI-18-33 » Wigner-Yanase-Dyson function and logarithmic mean (06/2024)

Articles containing keyword "the Kantorovich constant":

JMI-15-97 » On a reverse of the Tan-Xie inequality for sector matrices and its applications (12/2021)