Navier condition

Articles containing keyword "Navier condition":

DEA-03-25 » Existence of two solutions for a Navier boundary value problem involving the p-biharmonic (08/2011)

Articles containing keyword "non-local problems":

FDC-12-05 » On the uniqueness of solutions of two inverse problems for the subdiffusion equation (06/2022)

Articles containing keyword "nonlocal problem":

DEA-12-18 » Existence of positive solution for a class of nonlocal problem with strong singularity and linear term (08/2020)
DEA-14-15 » Existence of multiple solutions to a P-Kirchhoff problem (05/2022)

Articles containing keyword "nonlocal problems":

DEA-02-25 » On a class of nonlocal elliptic problems with critical growth (08/2010)
DEA-06-20 » Existence results for some nonlocal problems (08/2014)