Positive operator

Articles containing keyword "Positive operator":

MIA-13-56 » Classified construction of generalized Furuta type operator functions, II (10/2010)

Articles containing keyword "positive operator":

MIA-01-26 » Operator functions associated with the grand Furuta inequality (04/1998)
MIA-02-25 » On Heinz-Kato type characterizations of the Furuta inequality II (04/1999)
MIA-02-37 » Simplified proof of Tanahashi's result on the best possibility of generalized Furuta inequality (07/1999)
MIA-02-49 » Unifying approach to the study of p-hyponormal operators via Furuta inequality (10/1999)
MIA-03-10 » An extension of Specht's theorem via Kantorovich inequality and related results (01/2000)
MIA-03-28 » Further characterizations of chaotic order via Specht's ratio (04/2000)
MIA-04-53 » Perturbation bounds for certain operator functions (10/2001)
MIA-05-57 » Golden-Thompson type inequalities related to a geometric mean via specht's ratio (07/2002)
MIA-05-58 » A general form preserving the operator order for convex functions (07/2002)
MIA-06-28 » A monotone operator function via Furuta-type inequality with negative powers (04/2003)
MIA-08-39 » Weighted inequalities for positive operators (07/2005)
JMI-01-05 » Norm inequalities for the chaotically geometric mean and its reverse (03/2007)
MIA-11-13 » Classified construction of generalized Furuta type operator functions (04/2008)
MIA-11-16 » A generalized reverse inequality of the Cordes inequality (04/2008)
JMI-03-34 » Bootstrapping weighted Fourier inequalities (09/2009)
JMI-03-50 » The Golden-Thompson-Segal type inequalities related to the weighted geometric mean due to Lawson-Lim (12/2009)
MIA-13-19 » Schatten p-norm inequalities related to a characterization of inner product spaces (04/2010)
JMI-05-03 » On refined Young inequalities and reverse inequalities (03/2011)
MIA-14-59 » Order among power operator means with condition on spectra (07/2011)
MIA-14-75 » Reverses of Ando's inequality for positive linear maps (10/2011)
JMI-05-51 » Alternative reverse inequalities for Young's inequality (12/2011)
MIA-15-31 » Two sequences of operator monotone functions under strictly chaotic order (04/2012)
MIA-15-84 » Characterizations of operator order for k strictly positive operators (10/2012)
OaM-06-52 » Monotonicity of generalized Furuta type functions (12/2012)
OaM-08-51 » The block numerical range of analytic operator functions (12/2014)
JMI-08-56 » Operator inequalities involving the arithmetic, geometric, Heinz and Heron means (12/2014)
MIA-18-63 » Precise estimates of bounds on relative operator entropies (07/2015)
MIA-19-64 » Hardy-Hilbert's inequality and power inequalities for Berezin numbers of operators (07/2016)
JMI-12-33 » Some generalizations of numerical radius on off-diagonal part of 2 × 2 operator matrices (06/2018)
JMI-12-76 » On the inverse power inequality for the Berezin number of operators (12/2018)
OaM-13-37 » Numerical radius inequalities related to the geometric means of negative power (06/2019)
MIA-23-24 » Subadditive inequalities for operators (01/2020)
JMI-14-10 » Some inequalities involving operator means and monotone convex functions (03/2020)
JMI-14-82 » Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for operator (p,h)-convex functions (12/2020)
OaM-15-90 » Davis-Wielandt-Berezin radius inequalities via Dragomir inequalities (12/2021)
JMI-16-27 » New ordering relations for the Heinz means via hyperbolic functions (03/2022)
JMI-16-56 » Improved Jensen-type inequalities via quadratic interpolation and applications (06/2022)
OaM-17-24 » Inequalities for the weighted A-numerical radius of semi-Hilbertian space operators (06/2023)
OaM-17-32 » Further new refinements and reverses of real power form for Young-type inequalities via famous constants and applications (06/2023)
OaM-17-40 » A note on the A-spectrum of A-bounded operators (09/2023)
OaM-17-57 » Some inequalities related to numerical radius and distance from scalar operators in Hilbert spaces (09/2023)
OaM-18-06 » Berezin number inequalities via positivity of 2 × 2 block matrices (03/2024)