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Articles containing keyword "analytic function":

JMI-03-58 » Applications of certain differential inequalities to the univalence of an integral operator (12/2009)
JCA-07-07 » Estimation for initial coefficients of bi-univalent λ-convex analytic functions in the unit disc (07/2015)
JMI-11-66 » Univalency and starlikeness of normalized Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta function inside unit disk (09/2017)
JCA-12-10 » Bohr radius for certain classes of analytic functions (04/2018)
JMI-13-64 » Geometric properties of Mathieu-type power series inside unit disk (12/2019)

Articles containing keyword "analytic functions":

MIA-01-22 » Distortion Inequalities for Ruscheweyh Derivatives (04/1998)
MIA-02-19 » Inequalities for Some Coefficients of Univalent Functions (04/1999)
MIA-02-44 » Coefficient inequalities for certain univalent functions (10/1999)
MIA-07-25 » Inequalities Involving Certain Families of Integral and Convolution Operators (04/2004)
MIA-09-13 » Some coefficient inequalities and distortion bounds associated with certain new subclasses of analytic functions (01/2006)
MIA-11-24 » Some properties of the Jung-Kim-Srivastava integral operator (04/2008)
JMI-02-24 » Quasi-convolution of analytic functions with applications (06/2008)
MIA-11-61 » Convolutions and Hölder-type inequalities for a certain class of analytic functions (10/2008)
JMI-02-39 » Certain classes of analytic functions of complex order involving a family of generalized differential operators (12/2008)
JMI-02-47 » Some sufficient conditions for certain integral operators (12/2008)
JMI-02-49 » A Note on the paper of Breaz and Güney (12/2008)
JMI-03-04 » On certain coefficient inequalities for multivalent functions (03/2009)
JMI-03-13 » Applications of Srivastava-Attiya operator to the classes of strongly starlike and strongly convex functions (03/2009)
MIA-12-26 » Neighborhoods of a certain class of p-valent functions with negative coefficients defined by using a differential operator (04/2009)
MIA-12-27 » Coefficient inequalities for certain subclasses of analytic functions and their applications involving the Owa-Srivastava operator of fractional calculus (04/2009)
JMI-04-09 » Some subclasses of multivalent functions involving the extended fractional differintegral operator (03/2010)
JMI-04-21 » A note on a subclass of analytic functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivative (06/2010)
JMI-04-26 » Sufficient conditions for integral operator defined by Bessel functions (06/2010)
JMI-04-54 » A note on meromorphic m-valent starlike functions (12/2010)
MIA-14-31 » Certain inequalities for classes of analytic functions with varying argument of coefficients (04/2011)
MIA-14-81 » Some subordination properties of generalized Jung-Kim-Srivastava integral operator (10/2011)
JMI-05-50 » On p-th order of a function of several complex variables analytic in the unit polydisc (12/2011)
FDC-02-08 » Some computational results for functions belonging to a family consisting of Cauchy-Euler type differential equation (06/2012)
JCA-01-05 » Inclusion properties for certain class of analytic functions involving multiplier transformation operator (07/2012)
JCA-01-09 » Sufficient conditions for starlikeness (07/2012)
JCA-01-16 » Some relations between certain classes of analytic functions (10/2012)
FDC-02-10 » A new class of multivalently analytic functions associated with fractional q-calculus operators (12/2012)
JCA-02-08 » Certain subordination results involving a generalized multiplier transformation operator (01/2013)
JCA-02-14 » Coefficient estimates for some families of bi-Bazilevič functions of the Ma-Minda type involving the Hohlov operator (04/2013)
JCA-03-04 » Exact evaluation of some highly oscillatory integrals (07/2013)
JMI-07-49 » New results related to the convexity of the Bernardi integral operator (09/2013)
JCA-04-06 » Multipliers on spaces of vector valued entire Dirichlet series (01/2014)
JCA-05-07 » The necessary and sufficient conditions for general Hadamard product of classes of analytic functions (10/2014)
JCA-05-13 » Double subordination preserving properties for generalized fractional differ-integral operator (10/2014)
JMI-08-65 » Partial sums of generalized Bessel functions (12/2014)
MIA-18-92 » Partial sums of the normalized Lommel functions (07/2015)
JMI-09-57 » On an extension of Sakaguchi's result (09/2015)
JMI-10-05 » Non-linear operator and the sufficient conditions of univalence with applications (03/2016)
JMI-10-63 » Initial coefficient bound for m-fold symmetric bi-λ-convex functions (09/2016)
JCA-09-14 » A subclass of analytic functions related with conic domain (10/2016)
JMI-10-85 » The Fekete-Szegö functional problems for some subclasses of m-fold symmetric bi-univalent functions (12/2016)
JMI-11-35 » Classes of analytic functions related to a combination of two convex functions (06/2017)
JCA-11-06 » Initial bounds for analytic and bi-univalent functions by means of Chebyshev polynomials (07/2017)
JMI-12-31 » Partial sums of Mittag-Leffler function (06/2018)
FDC-08-12 » Coefficient functional for the kth root transform of analytic function and applications to fractional derivatives (06/2018)
OaM-12-65 » Operator-weighted composition operators on vector-valued Bloch spaces (12/2018)
JCA-14-04 » A sharp Carathéodory's inequality on the right half plane (01/2019)
JCA-15-06 » Bounds on coefficients and third Hankel determinant for a class of analytic functions related with certain conic domain (10/2019)
JMI-14-05 » Upper bound of the third Hankel determinant for a subclass of q-Starlike functions associated with the lemniscate of Bernoulli (03/2020)
JCA-16-11 » Certain properties of spirallike Sakaguchi type functions connected with q-hypergeometric series (04/2020)
JMI-15-66 » Stable functions of Janowski type (09/2021)
OaM-17-13 » Isolation amongst composition operators on Lp(μ)-spaces (1 ≤ p ≤ ∞) (03/2023)
JCA-22-01 » Sharp coefficient bounds of analytic functions subordinate to shell-like curves connected with k-Fibonacci numbers (07/2023)
JMI-17-60 » The third-order Hermitian Toeplitz determinant for some classes of analytic functions (09/2023)