Articles containing keyword "existence":

MIA-08-08 » Multiple Positive Solutions of Fourth-order Boundary Value Problems (01/2005)
MIA-10-39 » Generalized vector quasi-variational-like inequalities (04/2007)
MIA-11-27 » A new system of generalized nonlinear mixed variational inequalities (04/2008)
DEA-02-18 » A general fourth-order parabolic equation (05/2010)
DEA-03-13 » Existence of positive entire solutions of a semilinear p-Laplacian problem with a gradient term (05/2011)
DEA-03-15 » Existence of bounded solutions for a class of nonlinear fourth-order equations (05/2011)
FDC-02-07 » Boundary value problems for fractional differential inclusions in Banach spaces (06/2012)
DEA-05-16 » Positive solution of critical Hardy-Sobolev elliptic systems with the boundary singularity (05/2013)
FDC-03-01 » Boundary value problems for nonlinear fractional differential equations and inclusions with nonlocal and integral boundary conditions (06/2013)
MIA-16-84 » Regularity for solutions of nonlinear retarded functional differential equations (10/2013)
DEA-06-05 » Existence of positive solutions for a quasilinear elliptic system of p-Kirchhoff type (02/2014)
DEA-06-08 » Global attractivity results for comparable solutions of nonlinear hybrid fractional integral equations (05/2014)
DEA-06-21 » On entire solutions for an indefinite quasilinear system of mixed power (08/2014)
DEA-07-03 » Analysis of the boundary value problem associated with the nonrelativistic Thomas-Fermi equation for heavy atoms in intense magnetic fields (02/2015)
DEA-07-17 » Existence results for nonlinear second-order q-difference equations with q-integral boundary conditions (08/2015)
FDC-05-10 » Nonlocal boundary value problems for hybrid fractional differential equations and inclusions of Hadamard type (12/2015)
DEA-08-14 » Existence and stability results for nonlinear implicit fractional differential equations with delay and impulses (05/2016)
DEA-09-12 » On nonlinear fractional-order boundary value problems with nonlocal multi-point conditions involving Liouville-Caputo derivative (05/2017)
FDC-07-16 » Quasi-periodic solutions of fractional nabla difference systems (12/2017)
DEA-10-07 » Existence of positive solutions for nonlinear fractional Neumann elliptic equations (02/2018)
DEA-10-11 » Nonlocal boundary value problems for (p, q)-difference equations (05/2018)
FDC-08-07 » Existence theory for fractional-order neutral boundary value problems (06/2018)
DEA-10-21 » Periodic solutions for nonlinear fractional differential systems (08/2018)
DEA-11-07 » Second-order ordinary differential equations and inclusions with a new kind of integral and multi-strip boundary conditions (05/2019)
FDC-09-01 » Hilfer and Hadamard coupled Volterra fractional integro-differential systems with random effects (06/2019)
DEA-11-17 » On the solutions for an extensible beam equation with internal damping and source terms (08/2019)
FDC-09-19 » Unique positive solution for nonlinear Caputo-type fractional q-difference equations with nonlocal and Stieltjes integral boundary conditions (12/2019)
DEA-12-14 » Existence theory and stability results for ψ-type complex-order implicit differential equations (05/2020)
DEA-12-19 » Existence and uniqueness of solutions to third-order boundary value problems: analysis in closed and bounded sets (08/2020)
DEA-13-07 » Caputo type modification of the Erdélyi-Kober coupled implicit fractional differential systems with retardation and anticipation (05/2021)
FDC-11-06 » A uniqueness criterion for nontrivial solutions of the nonlinear higher-order ∇-difference systems of fractional-order (06/2021)
DEA-13-13 » On the existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional differential equations with nonlocal multi-point boundary conditions (08/2021)
DEA-13-23 » Analysis of stagnation point flow over a stretching/shrinking surface (11/2021)
FDC-11-16 » Existence results for a Caputo-Hadamard type fractional boundary value problem (12/2021)
DEA-14-10 » Green's function for a discrete fractional boundary value problem (05/2022)
DEA-14-27 » Boundary value problem for hybrid generalized Hilfer fractional differential equations (08/2022)
DEA-14-31 » On the periodic solutions for nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations with ψ-Hilfer fractional derivative (08/2022)
FDC-12-08 » Impulsive nabla fractional difference equations (12/2022)
FDC-12-12 » Existence and uniqueness results for generalized Caputo iterative fractional boundary value problems (12/2022)
JMI-17-26 » Existence and asymptotic behavior of square-mean S-asymptotically periodic solutions for stochastic evolution equation involving delay (03/2023)