fixed point theorem

Articles containing keyword "fixed point theorem":

MIA-04-47 » Two-point boundary value problems associated with non-linear fuzzy differential equations (10/2001)
MIA-08-09 » A functional differential equation in Banach algebras (01/2005)
JMI-01-25 » Vector variational-like inequalities with relaxed η-η pseudomonotone mappings in Banach spaces (06/2007)
DEA-02-02 » Nonlocal problems for delay integrodifferential equations in Banach spaces (02/2010)
DEA-02-10 » Some characterizations of nonlinear first order differential equations on unbounded intervals (05/2010)
DEA-02-20 » Attractivity and positivity results for nonlinear functional integral equations via measure of noncompactness (08/2010)
JMI-06-08 » The role of concavity in applications of avery type fixed point theorems to higher order differential equations (03/2012)
DEA-04-16 » Existence and uniqueness of a positive solution to generalized nonlocal thermistor problems with fractional-order derivatives (05/2012)
FDC-02-09 » Multiple positive solutions for nonlinear fractional differential systems (12/2012)
DEA-05-13 » Positive solutions for boundary value problems involving nonlinear fractional q-difference equations (05/2013)
DEA-06-24 » Results of local and global mild solution for impulsive fractional differential equation with state dependent delay (08/2014)
FDC-04-07 » Existence of an unbounded solution for multi-point boundary value problems of fractional differential equations on an infinite domain (12/2014)
DEA-07-14 » Existence and uniqueness of positive solutions to a coupled system of nonlinear fractional order differential equations with anti periodic boundary conditions (05/2015)
FDC-05-06 » Existence of mild solutions for impulsive fractional functional integro-differential equations (06/2015)
DEA-07-25 » Positive solutions for a singular third order boundary value problem (11/2015)
FDC-05-10 » Nonlocal boundary value problems for hybrid fractional differential equations and inclusions of Hadamard type (12/2015)
FDC-05-15 » Existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional order m-point boundary value problems (12/2015)
FDC-05-16 » Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions for a system of nonlinear singular fractional differential equations (12/2015)
FDC-06-03 » Existence of global solutions of impulsive IVPs of singular fractional differential systems on half line (06/2016)
DEA-08-26 » Coupled systems of fractional -difference boundary value problems (11/2016)
FDC-06-16 » Existence of positive solutions for coupled systems of half-linear boundary value problems involving Caputo fractional derivatives (12/2016)
JMI-11-46 » Existence and uniqueness solutions for a class of hemivariational inequalities (06/2017)
FDC-07-04 » Solvability for a system of nonlinear fractional higher-order three-point boundary value problem (06/2017)
FDC-07-06 » Positive solutions for boundary value problems of N-dimension nonlinear fractional differential system with integral boundary conditions (12/2017)
FDC-09-14 » Positive solutions of m-point fractional boundary value problem on the half line (12/2019)
FDC-09-18 » Existence of positive solutions for regular fractional Sturm-Liouville problems (12/2019)
FDC-09-19 » Unique positive solution for nonlinear Caputo-type fractional q-difference equations with nonlocal and Stieltjes integral boundary conditions (12/2019)
DEA-12-06 » Existence results for solutions to discontinuous dynamic equations on time scales (02/2020)
JCA-16-13 » Nonlinear dynamic equations on time scales with impulses and nonlocal conditions (04/2020)
FDC-11-03 » Existence results for non-instantaneous impulsive fractional functional differential equation with infinite delay (06/2021)
DEA-13-13 » On the existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional differential equations with nonlocal multi-point boundary conditions (08/2021)
DEA-14-06 » Existence result for a problem involving ψ-Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative on unbounded domain (02/2022)
DEA-14-25 » Random neutral semilinear differential equations with delay (05/2022)
DEA-14-33 » Application of Petryshyn's fixed point theorem of existence result for non-linear 2D Volterra functional integral equations (08/2022)
OaM-17-15 » On solvability of Volterra-Hammerstein integral equations in two variables coordinatewise converging at infinity (03/2023)
FDC-13-11 » Analytical and numerical study of a linear coupled system involving Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative with boundary conditions (12/2023)

Articles containing keyword "fixed point theorems":

FDC-03-01 » Boundary value problems for nonlinear fractional differential equations and inclusions with nonlocal and integral boundary conditions (06/2013)
FDC-06-01 » Three-point boundary value problems with delta Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative on time scales (06/2016)
DEA-10-11 » Nonlocal boundary value problems for (p, q)-difference equations (05/2018)
DEA-11-14 » Positive solutions for fractional integro-boundary value problem of order (1,2) on an unbounded domain (08/2019)
DEA-11-25 » Positive solutions for a singular coupled system of nonlinear higher-order fractional q-difference boundary value problems with two parameters (11/2019)
DEA-12-19 » Existence and uniqueness of solutions to third-order boundary value problems: analysis in closed and bounded sets (08/2020)
FDC-11-04 » On criteria of existence for nonlinear Katugampola fractional differential equations with p-Laplacian operator (06/2021)
FDC-11-16 » Existence results for a Caputo-Hadamard type fractional boundary value problem (12/2021)
JMI-16-21 » Weakly singular Henry-Gronwall-Bihari type inequalities and their applications (03/2022)
FDC-12-01 » Existence of mild solutions for semilinear evolution equation using Hilfer fractional derivatives (06/2022)
DEA-15-12 » Implicit Caputo fractional q-difference equations with non instantaneous impulses (08/2023)

Articles containing keyword "fixed-point theorem":

MIA-09-42 » Existence of triple positive solutions for a third order generalized right focal problem (07/2006)
MIA-10-62 » Iterative approximation of solution of generalized mixed set-valued variational inequality problem (07/2007)
DEA-01-23 » Generalized time-periodic solutions to the Euler equations of compressible fluids (08/2009)
DEA-02-22 » Quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear differential equations via the Floquet-Lin theory (08/2010)
FDC-02-04 » Existence of three positive solutions for boundary value problems of singular fractional differential equations (06/2012)
FDC-05-13 » Existence and multiplicity results for the boundary value problem of nonlinear fractional differential equations (12/2015)
FDC-13-14 » On generalized Caputo's fractional order fuzzy anti periodic boundary value problem (12/2023)
DEA-16-05 » On the existence of solutions to boundary value problems on infinte intervals for nonlinear discrete systems (02/2024)

Articles containing keyword "fixed-point theorems":

DEA-10-22 » On the solvability of nonlinear differential equations subject to generalized boundary conditions (08/2018)
DEA-11-24 » Existence of solutions to nonlinear Legendre boundary value problems (11/2019)
FDC-13-06 » Solvability for iterative systems of Hadamard fractional boundary value problems (06/2023)