fractional calculus

Articles containing keyword "fractional calculus":

MIA-08-41 » Certain inequalities and their applications to multivalently analytic functions (07/2005)
MIA-13-62 » Certain inequalities and their applications to multivalently analytic functions-II (10/2010)
FDC-01-04 » The Fractional Virial Theorem (12/2011)
FDC-02-08 » Some computational results for functions belonging to a family consisting of Cauchy-Euler type differential equation (06/2012)
FDC-04-01 » Well-posedness and regularity of the Cauchy problem for nonlinear fractional in time and space equations (06/2014)
DEA-07-09 » Existence of a mild solution for impulsive neutral fractional differential equations with nonlocal conditions (05/2015)
FDC-05-02 » A new subclass of harmonic univalent functions associated with fractional calculus operator (06/2015)
FDC-05-04 » Parametric study of fractional bioheat equation in skin tissue with sinusoidal heat flux (06/2015)
FDC-06-05 » Some properties of Prabhakar-type fractional calculus operators (06/2016)
MIA-20-70 » A Gronwall inequality for a general Caputo fractional operator (10/2017)
FDC-08-02 » Improved mathematical results and simplified pedagogical approaches for Gronwall's inequality for fractional calculus (06/2018)
FDC-09-14 » Positive solutions of m-point fractional boundary value problem on the half line (12/2019)
DEA-13-01 » Unique solvability of fractional quadratic nonlinear integral equations (02/2021)
FDC-12-06 » Generalized weighted fractional Ostrowski type inequality with applications (06/2022)
DEA-14-30 » Existence and uniqueness of mild solutions to neutral impulsive fractional stochastic delay differential equations driven by both Brownian motion and fractional Brownian motion (08/2022)

Articles containing keyword "fractional-calculus":

FDC-13-10 » Hermite-Hadamard integral inequality for harmonically convex functions via Riemann-Liouville fractional integrals (12/2023)