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Articles containing keyword "fractional derivative":

MIA-07-25 » Inequalities Involving Certain Families of Integral and Convolution Operators (04/2004)
MIA-12-23 » Inequalities for fractional differential equations (04/2009)
MIA-14-03 » The Harnack inequality for the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivation operator (01/2011)
MIA-14-29 » Simultaneous and converse approximation theorems in weighted Lebesgue spaces (04/2011)
JMI-05-20 » On an inequality for convex functions with some applications on fractional derivatives and fractional integrals (06/2011)
FDC-01-01 » Mathematical modeling of anomalous diffusion in porous media (12/2011)
JCA-01-07 » Generalized Stieltjes functions and their exact order (07/2012)
DEA-06-04 » Existence result of positive solution for boundary value problems of fractional order with integro-differential boundary conditions (02/2014)
MIA-17-96 » Strong approximation of some additive functionals of symmetric stable process (10/2014)
DEA-07-11 » Existence of solutions for a coupled system of three-point fractional order boundary value problems (05/2015)
JMI-09-32 » Multiple Opial-type inequalities for general kernels with applications (06/2015)
FDC-05-03 » An Opial-type integral inequality and exponentially convex functions (06/2015)
FDC-05-09 » Opial-type inequalities for fractional integral operator involving Mittag-Leffler function (06/2015)
FDC-05-12 » Positive solutions to iterative systems of fractional order three-point boundary value problems with Riemann-Liouville derivative (12/2015)
FDC-06-02 » Some new oscillation criteria for a class of nonlinear fractional differential equations (06/2016)
FDC-06-09 » A problem with an integral boundary condition for a time fractional diffusion equation and an inverse problem (06/2016)
JMI-10-82 » Generalized Opial-type inequalities for differential and integral operators with special kernels in fractional calculus (12/2016)
FDC-06-11 » Time-fractional diffusion equation with dynamical boundary condition (12/2016)
FDC-06-14 » Elasticity for economic processes with memory: fractional differential calculus approach (12/2016)
FDC-06-17 » An inverse fractional source problem in a space of periodic spatial distributions (12/2016)
FDC-07-19 » On a Sturm-Liouville type differential inclusion of fractional order (12/2017)
FDC-08-14 » Determination of a distribution in a source term of a time fractional diffusion-wave equation (12/2018)
FDC-09-10 » On some fractional integro-differential inclusions with nonlocal multi-point boundary conditions (06/2019)
FDC-10-06 » μ-pseudo almost automorphic mild solutions for two terms order fractional differential equations (06/2020)
JMI-15-08 » A new fractional boundary value problem and Lyapunov-type inequality (03/2021)
DEA-13-10 » Existence of solutions for a coupled system of Caputo type fractional-order differential inclusions with non-separated boundary conditions on multivalued maps (05/2021)
FDC-11-09 » On some coupled systems of fractional differential inclusions (06/2021)
MIA-24-77 » Remark on the Chain rule of fractional derivative in the Sobolev framework (10/2021)
FDC-12-01 » Existence of mild solutions for semilinear evolution equation using Hilfer fractional derivatives (06/2022)
DEA-15-02 » Initial boundary value problem for a time fractional wave equation on a metric graph (02/2023)

Articles containing keyword "fractional derivatives":

MIA-02-19 » Inequalities for Some Coefficients of Univalent Functions (04/1999)
FDC-01-04 » The Fractional Virial Theorem (12/2011)
FDC-03-03 » Weighted Hardy-type inequalities for monotone convex functions with some applications (06/2013)
JCA-05-06 » On some further hypergeometric series identities obtained via fractional calculus (07/2014)
JMI-08-57 » Opial-type inequalities for two functions with general kernels and applications (12/2014)
FDC-06-10 » Remark to history of fractional derivatives on complex plane: Sonine-Letnikov and Nishimoto derivatives (06/2016)
FDC-07-06 » Positive solutions for boundary value problems of N-dimension nonlinear fractional differential system with integral boundary conditions (12/2017)
FDC-08-12 » Coefficient functional for the kth root transform of analytic function and applications to fractional derivatives (06/2018)
MIA-22-62 » Fractional de la Vallée Poussin inequalities (07/2019)
DEA-12-16 » Analytical approximation of time-fractional telegraph equation with Riesz space-fractional derivative (08/2020)
FDC-11-01 » Solution of time-space fractional Black-Scholes European option pricing problem through fractional reduced differential transform method (06/2021)
JMI-16-21 » Weakly singular Henry-Gronwall-Bihari type inequalities and their applications (03/2022)
JMI-16-38 » Fekete-Szegö type inequalities for classes of analytic functions defined by using the modified Dziok-Srivastava and the Owa-Srivastava fractional calculus operators (06/2022)
MIA-25-54 » Lyapunov-type inequalities for a nonlinear sequential fractional BVP in the frame of generalized Hilfer derivatives (07/2022)
FDC-13-12 » Fractional non-autonomous evolution equations with integral impulse condition in Fréchet spaces (12/2023)