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MIA-08-48 » Kantorovich type reverse inequalities for operator norm (07/2005)
JMI-02-45 » Norm and numerical radius inequalities for a product of two linear operators in Hilbert spaces (12/2008)
MIA-19-58 » Multidimensional extensions of Pólya-Knopp-type inequalities over spherical cones (07/2016)
JMI-10-83 » Numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators (12/2016)
JMI-11-12 » A note on a Wielandt type norm inequality (03/2017)
OaM-12-26 » Sharpening some classical numerical radius inequalities (06/2018)
JMI-12-59 » Necessary and sufficient conditions for the validity of Hilbert type integral inequalities with a class of quasi-homogeneous kernels and its application in operator theory (09/2018)
JMI-13-21 » More refinements of the operator reverse AM-GM inequality for positive linear maps (03/2019)
MIA-22-83 » Operator inequalities via geometric convexity (10/2019)
OaM-13-72 » Constant norms and numerical radii of matrix powers (12/2019)
OaM-14-18 » On the numerical range and operator norm of V2 (03/2020)
MIA-23-55 » Operator norm and numerical radius analogues of Cohen's inequality (04/2020)
MIA-23-85 » Cauchy-Schwarz type inequalities and applications to numerical radius inequalities (07/2020)
JMI-14-75 » Algorithms for split common null point problem without pre-existing estimation of operator norm (12/2020)
MIA-24-12 » Sharp inequalities for the numerical radius of Hilbert space operators and operator matrices (01/2021)
OaM-15-04 » The norm of an infinite L-matrix (03/2021)
OaM-15-29 » Sharp operator mean inequalities of the numerical radii (06/2021)
OaM-15-65 » L-matrices with lacunary coefficients (09/2021)
OaM-15-66 » On m-quasi-totally-(α,β)-normal operators (09/2021)
MIA-25-04 » Norm of the discrete Cesàro operator minus identity (01/2022)
JMI-16-07 » Equivalent conditions of optimal half discrete Hilbert type multiple integral inequalities with quasi homogeneous kernel and applications (03/2022)
OaM-16-27 » Gaps between some spectral characteristics of direct sum of Hilbert space operators (06/2022)
JMI-16-31 » Some refinements of numerical radius inequalities for 2 × 2 operator matrices (06/2022)
JMI-16-39 » Some generalized numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators (06/2022)
JMI-16-104 » Supporting vectors for the ℓp-norm (12/2022)
OaM-17-18 » Further refinements of some numerical radius inequalities for operators (03/2023)
OaM-17-50 » Further refinements of Davis-Wielandt radius inequalities (09/2023)
OaM-18-05 » Inner product inequalities through Cartesian decomposition with applications to numerical radius inequalities (03/2024)
JMI-18-13 » Some improvements about numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators (03/2024)
MIA-27-29 » On the numerical radius of an operator matrix (04/2024)