periodic solution

Articles containing keyword "periodic solution":

DEA-01-23 » Generalized time-periodic solutions to the Euler equations of compressible fluids (08/2009)
DEA-10-21 » Periodic solutions for nonlinear fractional differential systems (08/2018)
DEA-10-28 » Plant-Pest-natural enemy model with impulsive biological and chemical control (11/2018)
FDC-09-11 » Global stability of a Leslie-Gower-type fractional order tritrophic food chain model (06/2019)
DEA-14-23 » P-periodic solutions of a q-integral equation with finite delay (05/2022)

Articles containing keyword "periodic solutions":

MIA-01-41 » On the existence of periodic solutions of a certain class of second order nonlinear differential equation (07/1998)
DEA-01-25 » Bifurcations of periodic solutions in forced ordinary differential inclusions (11/2009)
DEA-02-19 » Positive periodic solutions for the nonlinear wave equation (05/2010)
DEA-03-11 » On the existence of periodic solutions for a p-Laplacian neutral functional differential equation with time-varying operator (05/2011)
DEA-03-23 » Periodic solutions of Liénard equation with one or two weak singularities (08/2011)
DEA-09-01 » Existence of solutions to nonlinear boundary value problems (02/2017)
DEA-09-16 » Infinitely many periodic solutions to a class of perturbed second-order impulsive Hamiltonian systems (05/2017)
DEA-14-31 » On the periodic solutions for nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations with ψ-Hilfer fractional derivative (08/2022)
DEA-14-36 » Infinitely many periodic solutions for anisotropic φ-Laplacian systems (11/2022)
DEA-15-19 » Periodic and subharmonic solutions for a class of superquadratic first order Hamiltonian systems (11/2023)