Articles containing keyword "stability":

MIA-01-02 » Stable seminorms revisited (01/1998)
MIA-01-40 » Stability of integrodifferential systems of nonconvolution type (07/1998)
MIA-05-28 » On the stability of the Pompeiu functional equation (04/2002)
MIA-05-71 » On a problem by K. Nikodem (10/2002)
MIA-06-51 » Stability of implicit resolvent dynamical systems (07/2003)
MIA-06-65 » Partitioned functional inequalities in banach modules and approximate algebra homomorphisms (10/2003)
MIA-08-44 » Multilinear Jensen Type Mappings in Banach Modules over a C-Algebra (07/2005)
MIA-08-45 » Stability of angle-preserving mappings on the plane (07/2005)
MIA-08-62 » The modified Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of a cubic type functional equation (10/2005)
MIA-08-63 » On the stability of an alternative functional equation (10/2005)
MIA-09-17 » On approximate derivations (01/2006)
MIA-09-32 » Stability of a quadratic functional equation in the space of distributions (04/2006)
MIA-09-50 » Stability of group and ring homomorphisms (07/2006)
MIA-09-62 » The stability of a Wilson type and a Pexider type functional equation (10/2006)
MIA-09-68 » Perturbed algorithm and stability for strongly nonlinear quasi-variational inclusion involving H-accretive operators (10/2006)
MIA-10-56 » Some stability results for set integro-differential equations (07/2007)
JMI-02-07 » Reverse weighted Lp-norm inequalities and their applications (03/2008)
JMI-02-32 » On the Rassias stability of a bi-Jensen functional equation (09/2008)
JMI-02-40 » A nonlinear inequality (12/2008)
MIA-12-06 » On some reverse weighted Lp(ℝn)-norm inequalities in convolutions and their applications (01/2009)
JMI-03-06 » Generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of functional inequalities and functional equations (03/2009)
JMI-03-26 » Cauchy-Rassias stability of homomorphisms associated to a Pexiderized Cauchy-Jensen type functional equation (06/2009)
JMI-03-46 » Fixed points and generalized stability for functional equations in abstract spaces (09/2009)
JMI-04-05 » Super-stability and stability of the exponential equations (03/2010)
JMI-04-18 » Stability of a generalized Jensen equation on restricted domains (06/2010)
DEA-02-35 » On the Dirichlet problem of Landau-Lifshitz-Maxwell equations (11/2010)
JMI-04-50 » Some nonlinear dynamic inequalities on time scales and applications (12/2010)
MIA-14-02 » A characterization of the sine function by functional inequalities (01/2011)
MIA-14-16 » Stability of the Baron-Volkmann functional equations (01/2011)
DEA-03-04 » Asymptotic stability and stability switches in a linear integro-differential system (02/2011)
JMI-05-33 » A note on the isoperimetric inequality and its stability (09/2011)
MIA-14-82 » Nonlinear differential inequality (10/2011)
MIA-15-07 » Eigenvalue estimates for stable minimal hypersurfaces (01/2012)
OaM-06-14 » Fredholm stability results for linear combinations of m-potent operators (03/2012)
MIA-15-23 » Stability properties Of the generalized Chernoff inequality (04/2012)
MIA-15-64 » A new reverse isoperimetric inequality and its stability (07/2012)
OaM-06-49 » Approximate inner products on Hilbert C*-modules; A fixed point approach (12/2012)
JMI-07-11 » Stabilizability for nonlinear difference controls systems with multiple delays (03/2013)
DEA-05-22 » Uniformly stable solution of a nonlocal problem of coupled system of differential equations (08/2013)
MIA-16-92 » Approximate pexiderized Cauchy's additive type mappings (10/2013)
DEA-05-32 » Stability of positive solutions to p&2-Laplace type equations (11/2013)
MIA-17-20 » On the super-stability of trigonometric Hilbert-valued functional equations (01/2014)
DEA-06-08 » Global attractivity results for comparable solutions of nonlinear hybrid fractional integral equations (05/2014)
DEA-06-23 » Stability results of some abstract evolution equations (08/2014)
OaM-08-54 » The behavior of the orbits of power bounded operators (12/2014)
JMI-09-48 » On the generalized Hyers-Ulam stability of quartic mappings in non-Archimedean Banach spaces (06/2015)
DEA-07-22 » Property of growth determined by spectrum of operator associated with the Timoshenko system with weakly dissipation (08/2015)
JMI-09-74 » The isoperimetric inequality and its stability (09/2015)
JMI-09-89 » Stability of a Pexider type functional equation related to distance measures (12/2015)
JMI-10-34 » Inequalities with curvature and their stability estimates for convex curves (06/2016)
JCA-09-01 » Some stability results related to some fixed point theorems (07/2016)
DEA-08-17 » Solow multi-capital growth model described by a system of differential equations on time scales (08/2016)
OaM-10-56 » Inverse problems for self-adjoint Dirac systems: explicit solutions and stability of the procedure (12/2016)
JCA-11-10 » Non-Archimedean hyperstability of a Cauchy-Jensen type functional equation (10/2017)
FDC-07-10 » Existence and uniqueness of solutions for nonlinear fractional nabla difference systems with initial conditions (12/2017)
JMI-12-78 » Some extended integral inequalities on time scales (12/2018)
DEA-11-05 » Razumikhin method to delay differential equations with non-instantaneous impulses (02/2019)
JCA-14-09 » Hyperstability of a mixed type cubic-quartic functional equation in ultrametric spaces (04/2019)
OaM-13-56 » On the stability of left δ-centralizers on Banach Lie triple systems (09/2019)
DEA-11-27 » Stability and controllability results of evolution system with impulsive condition on time scales (11/2019)
DEA-12-14 » Existence theory and stability results for ψ-type complex-order implicit differential equations (05/2020)
OaM-14-57 » Operator representations of K-frames: boundedness and stability (12/2020)
FDC-10-17 » On the stability and stabilization of some semilinear fractional differential equations in Banach spaces (12/2020)
MIA-24-50 » Applications of sections and half volumes in stability (07/2021)
DEA-13-20 » Stability of nonautonomous impulsive evolution system on time scale (11/2021)
OaM-15-79 » Weighted operator-valued function spaces applied to the stability of delay systems (12/2021)
MIA-25-27 » Stability estimates for a radical functional equation with fixed-point approaches (04/2022)
DEA-14-14 » Qualitative analysis of dynamic equations on time scales using Lyapunov functions (05/2022)
DEA-14-17 » An operator splitting approach for two-dimensional Kawarada problems (05/2022)
DEA-14-28 » On the stability of a viscoelastic Timoshenko system with Maxwell-Cattaneo heat conduction (08/2022)
MIA-25-65 » On properties of weighted Hardy constant for means (10/2022)
DEA-14-37 » Stability of solutions to abstract evolution equations in Banach spaces under nonclassical assumptions (11/2022)
OaM-17-36 » Analyticity and stability of semigroup related to an abstract initial-boundary value problem (06/2023)
JMI-17-47 » Remarks on the stability of the 3-variable functional inequalities of Drygas (06/2023)
JMI-17-59 » A new isoperimetric-type inequality and its stability (09/2023)