Articles containing keyword "trace":

MIA-04-06 » Best possible bounds for ordered positive numbers using their sum and product (01/2001)
OaM-01-10 » Extremal marginal tracial states in coupled systems (06/2007)
MIA-10-66 » On bounds of matrix eigenvalues (10/2007)
JMI-02-11 » Some more inequalities for arithmetic mean, harmonic mean and variance (03/2008)
JMI-04-32 » Some better bounds on the variance with applications (09/2010)
MIA-15-46 » Bounds for Laplacian graph eigenvalues (07/2012)
OaM-06-29 » Preservers of matrix pairs with a fixed inner product value (09/2012)
MIA-16-70 » Some inequalities for the nonlinear matrix equations (07/2013)
OaM-09-54 » Inequalities related to 2 ✕ 2 block PPT matrices (12/2015)
MIA-19-09 » On bounds for the smallest and the largest eigenvalues of GCD and LCM matrices (01/2016)
MIA-19-81 » Generalization of Golden-Thompson type inequalities for normal matrices (07/2016)
OaM-10-52 » Some Gröss' type inequalities for trace of operators in Hilbert spaces (12/2016)
MIA-21-08 » A generalization of Young-type inequalities (01/2018)
MIA-21-69 » Some inequalities for means defined on the Lorentz cone (10/2018)
MIA-21-81 » On some classical trace inequalities and a new Hilbert-Schmidt norm inequality (10/2018)
OaM-13-15 » On the sum of powers of square matrices (03/2019)
JMI-14-26 » Refinements and reverses of Young type inequalities (06/2020)
JMI-15-07 » A note on variance bounds and location of eigenvalues (03/2021)
JMI-15-69 » A new generalized refinements of Young's inequality and applications (09/2021)
OaM-16-54 » Note on bounds for eigenvalues using traces (09/2022)
MIA-26-02 » Some bounds for central moments and spreads of matrices (01/2023)
OaM-17-66 » Some inequalities for eigenvalues and positive linear maps (12/2023)
JMI-17-96 » A generalized refinement of Young's inequality (12/2023)

Articles containing keyword "traces":

MIA-21-58 » Trace and extension theorems relating Besov spaces to weighted averaged Sobolev spaces (07/2018)