weighted inequalities

Articles containing keyword "weighted inequalities":

MIA-05-11 » Weighted Lp - Lq inequalities for oscillatory integral operators (01/2002)
MIA-08-39 » Weighted inequalities for positive operators (07/2005)
MIA-09-39 » Weighted inequalities for harmonic means (07/2006)
JMI-01-02 » On weighted Simpson type inequalities and applications (03/2007)
MIA-13-24 » Boundedness of generalized Hardy operators on weighted amalgam spaces (04/2010)
MIA-16-39 » Norm inequalities for some one-sided operators (04/2013)
JMI-11-47 » Some new iterated Hardy-type inequalities and applications (06/2017)
MIA-21-20 » On the harmonic and geometric maximal operators (01/2018)
JMI-14-08 » Weighted inequalities for the multilinear Hilbert and Calderón operators and applications (03/2020)
MIA-23-72 » Embeddings between weighted Cesàro function spaces (07/2020)
JMI-15-61 » On weighted Fourier inequalities - some new scales of equivalent conditions (06/2021)
MIA-24-53 » Weighted norm inequalities for the generalized multilinear Stieltjes transformation (07/2021)

Articles containing keyword "weighted inequality":

MIA-03-27 » Weighted inequality for some classical integral operators: 0 < p <1 (04/2000)
MIA-14-05 » Weighted mixed norm inequalities in martingale spaces (01/2011)
MIA-17-08 » On necessary and sufficient conditions for variable exponent Hardy inequality (01/2014)
MIA-19-72 » Weighted inequalities for the generalized Fourier transform associated with the Cherednik operator on the real line (07/2016)
JMI-13-01 » Integral operators with two variable integration limits on the cone of monotone functions (03/2019)