weighted shift

Articles containing keyword "weighted shift":

OaM-05-33 » Universal shifts and composition operators (09/2011)
OaM-11-15 » On the normalized numerical range (03/2017)
OaM-12-40 » Half-centered operators (09/2018)
OaM-16-09 » A note on a spectral constant associated with an annulus (03/2022)
MIA-26-37 » Weighted shifts on directed trees with one branching vertex: between quasinormality and paranormality (07/2023)

Articles containing keyword "weighted shifts":

OaM-09-48 » Disk-cyclicity and codisk-cyclicity of certain shift operators (12/2015)
OaM-15-08 » Weak subnormality of infinite 4-banded matrices (03/2021)