Articles containing subject class 30D15:

MIA-01-16 » New Lq inequalities for polynomials (04/1998)
MIA-01-21 » A refinement of a theorem of Paul Turan concerning polynomials (04/1998)
MIA-03-33 » Lp inequalities for polar derivatives of polynomials (07/2000)
MIA-04-43 » Integral mean estimates for polynomialis with restricted zeros (10/2001)
MIA-05-07 » On maximum modulus of polynomials and related entire functions with restricted zeros (01/2002)
MIA-06-41 » Lp Inequalities for entire functions of exponential type (07/2003)
MIA-07-39 » Inequalities for a polynomial and its derivative (07/2004)
MIA-11-20 » Lq Norm inequalities for the polar derivative of a polynomial (04/2008)
JMI-03-55 » Convergence rate in multidimensional irregular sampling restoration (12/2009)
MIA-15-41 » Some new generalizations of Zygmund-type inequalities for polynomials (04/2012)
JCA-02-06 » A note on relative type of entire functions represented by vector valued Dirichlet series (01/2013)
MIA-16-73 » Difference inequality for attracting and quasi-invariant sets for a class of impulsive stochastic difference equations with continuous time (07/2013)
JCA-04-06 » Multipliers on spaces of vector valued entire Dirichlet series (01/2014)
JCA-05-09 » Growth of the maximum modulus of polynomials with prescribed zeros (10/2014)
JCA-10-12 » On the logarithmic proximate order of analytic functions of slow growth represented by Laplace-Stieltjes' transformations (04/2017)
JCA-16-02 » On Bernstein-type inequalities for polynomials involving the polar derivative (01/2020)
MIA-23-107 » On the Erdős-Lax inequality concerning polynomials (10/2020)
JCA-18-04 » Uniform norm estimates of Bernstein-type for lacunary-type complex polyomials (07/2021)
JCA-18-10 » Sharpening of Bernstein and Turán-type inequalities for polynomials (10/2021)
JMI-15-114 » Generalizations and sharpenings of certain Bernstein and Turán types of inequalities for the polar derivative of a polynomial (12/2021)
MIA-25-06 » On the number of real zeros of real entire functions with a non-decreasing sequence of the second quotients of Taylor coefficients (01/2022)
MIA-25-10 » Rate of growth of distributionally chaotic functions (01/2022)
MIA-25-25 » On the Erdős-Lax and Turán inequalities concerning polynomials (04/2022)
MIA-26-06 » A sufficient condition for a complex polynomial to have only simple zeros and an analog of Hutchinson's theorem for real polynomials (01/2023)
OaM-17-03 » Some remarks on the generalized order and generalized type of entire functions of several complex matrices (03/2023)
JMI-17-12 » Some inequalities on the convergent abscissas of Laplace-Stieltjes transforms (03/2023)
JMI-18-20 » Relative growth of a complex polynomial with restricted zeros (03/2024)