Articles containing subject class 32F99:

MIA-14-20 » Stirling's formula revisited via some classical and new inequalities (01/2011)
MIA-14-72 » Singular integrodifferential inequalities and application to fractional differential problems (10/2011)
DEA-04-26 » Existence and multiplicity of solutions for the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation coupled with Born-Infeld theory on bounded domain (08/2012)
JMI-07-11 » Stabilizability for nonlinear difference controls systems with multiple delays (03/2013)
OaM-09-21 » On the closure of the discrete spectrum of nuclearly perturbed operators (06/2015)
DEA-08-01 » Infinitely many solutions for a fourth-order nonlinear elliptic system (02/2016)
DEA-08-23 » On the Rayleigh-Plateau instability. The regularity in H3per (11/2016)
DEA-09-38 » Multiple positive solutions for a nonlinear Choquard equation with nonhomogeneous (11/2017)
FDC-07-13 » Some k-fractional associates of Hermite-Hadamard's inequality for quasi-convex functions and applications to special means (12/2017)
FDC-09-17 » Sufficient conditions for the exponential stability of nonlinear fractionally perturbed ODEs with multiple time delays (12/2019)
FDC-11-05 » Integral inequalities within the framework of generalized fractional integrals (06/2021)
DEA-13-20 » Stability of nonautonomous impulsive evolution system on time scale (11/2021)
DEA-13-21 » Three dimensional system of globally modified magnetohydrodynamics equations with infinite delays (11/2021)
DEA-14-40 » Multiple positive solutions of Kirchhoff-type equations with concave terms (11/2022)
JMI-16-106 » Interpolation inequalities of numerical radius (12/2022)