Articles containing subject class 35P15:

MIA-01-54 » Inequalities for the minimal eigenvalue of the laplacian in an annulus (10/1998)
MIA-12-25 » On inequalities for polynomials in two variables (04/2009)
DEA-01-12 » Optimization of the first eigenvalue in problems involving the bi-Laplacian (05/2009)
DEA-02-33 » On an eighth order overdetermined elliptic boundary value problem (11/2010)
MIA-15-32 » Neumann eigenvalue sums on triangles are (mostly) minimal for equilaterals (04/2012)
MIA-15-49 » Universal inequalities for eigenvalues of quadratic polynomial operator of the Kohn Laplacian (07/2012)
OaM-06-51 » Error representation formula for eigenvalue approximations for positive definite operators (12/2012)
OaM-07-50 » Universal inequalities for eigenvalues of the Lamé system (12/2013)
MIA-17-10 » Estimates for lower bounds of eigenvalues of the Klein-Gordon operator (01/2014)
OaM-08-09 » Spectral estimates for Dirichlet Laplacians on perturbed twisted tubes (03/2014)
OaM-08-30 » Lower bounds on the norms of extension operators for Lipschitz domains (06/2014)
MIA-17-107 » Isoperimetric Inequalities for Positive Solution of P-Laplacian (10/2014)
OaM-11-25 » Estimates of eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators on the half-line with complex-valued potentials (06/2017)
OaM-11-76 » Resonance free regions and non-Hermitian spectral optimization for Schrödinger point interactions (12/2017)
OaM-12-31 » Spectral analysis of the Dirac operator on a 3-sphere (06/2018)
MIA-21-62 » Inequalities for the fundamental Robin eigenvalue for the Laplacian on N-dimensional rectangular parallelepipeds (10/2018)
OaM-13-21 » Spectral estimates for Dirichlet Laplacian on tubes with exploding twisting velocity (06/2019)
MIA-23-70 » Characterizations of weighted Hardy-Rellich inequalities and their applications (07/2020)
OaM-14-44 » Spectral optimization for singular Schrödinger operators (09/2020)
OaM-14-47 » Lower estimates on eigenvalues of quantum graphs (09/2020)
OaM-14-51 » Analyzing the spectral (a)symmetry of the massless Dirac operator on the 3-torus (12/2020)