Articles containing subject class 42A38:

MIA-05-11 » Weighted Lp - Lq inequalities for oscillatory integral operators (01/2002)
JMI-03-36 » Inequalities in summability theory of Fourier series (09/2009)
JCA-04-04 » Applications of general monotone sequences and functions to trigonometric series and integrals (01/2014)
JCA-04-10 » A mixed Parseval-Plancherel formula (04/2014)
MIA-17-113 » The Lebesgue summability of double trigonometric integrals (10/2014)
MIA-18-45 » A reverse Hilbert-like optimal inequality (04/2015)
MIA-18-61 » On the order of magnitude of Fourier transform (07/2015)
MIA-18-67 » Two trigonometric integral inequalities (07/2015)
JCA-07-06 » On the convolution theorem for the Fourier transform of BV0 functions (07/2015)
MIA-18-109 » Hartley-Fourier cosine generalized convolution inequalities (10/2015)
JCA-07-08 » Approximations using Hilbert transform of wavelets (10/2015)
MIA-19-78 » Inequalities for the Hartley-Fourier cosine polyconvolution (07/2016)
MIA-20-54 » Some new two-sided inequalities concerning the Fourier transform (07/2017)
OaM-11-70 » Shapiro's uncertainty principle related to the windowed Fourier transform associated with the Riemann-Liouville operator (12/2017)
MIA-21-59 » Rearrangements of general monotone functions and of their Fourier transforms (07/2018)
OaM-13-03 » Orthonormal sequences and time frequency localization related to the Riemann-Liouville operator (03/2019)
JCA-16-10 » Some improper integrals involving the square of the tail of the sine and cosine functions (04/2020)
OaM-15-52 » Uncertainty principles in term of supports in Hankel wavelet setting (06/2021)
JMI-15-54 » Volumes of sub-level sets and the decay of oscillatory integrals (06/2021)
JMI-15-61 » On weighted Fourier inequalities - some new scales of equivalent conditions (06/2021)
JCA-19-07 » Fourier transform inversion in the Alexiewicz norm (01/2022)
MIA-25-39 » Triangular Cesàro summability and Lebesgue points of two-dimensional Fourier series (07/2022)
JCA-20-09 » On the generalisation of Henstock-Kurzweil Fourier transform (10/2022)
OaM-17-09 » Duality of generalized Hardy and BMO spaces associated with singular partial differential operator (03/2023)
MIA-26-25 » Inequalities in time-frequency analysis (04/2023)
MIA-27-01 » On the uniform convergence and integrability of special trigonometric integrals (01/2024)