Articles containing subject class 42B10:

JMI-04-45 » On Bergstrom inequality for commuting gramian normal operators (12/2010)
OaM-05-12 » Factoring in the metaplectic group and optics (03/2011)
JMI-05-42 » Uncertainty principle in terms of entropy for the spherical mean operator (12/2011)
MIA-16-28 » Uncertainty principle inequalities related to Laguerre-Bessel transform (04/2013)
MIA-16-55 » Commutators for multipliers on Besov Dunkl spaces (07/2013)
JMI-08-35 » Uncertainty principle for the spherical mean operator (09/2014)
MIA-17-113 » The Lebesgue summability of double trigonometric integrals (10/2014)
MIA-18-37 » Properties of modified Bessel functions and completely monotonic degrees of differences between exponential and trigamma functions (04/2015)
MIA-18-61 » On the order of magnitude of Fourier transform (07/2015)
OaM-09-38 » Multivariable Bessel Gabor transform and applications (09/2015)
MIA-19-04 » Hardy's type inequality for the over critical exponent associated with the Dunkl transform (01/2016)
MIA-19-39 » Uncertainty principles for orthonormal sequences related to Laguerre hypergroup (04/2016)
MIA-19-72 » Weighted inequalities for the generalized Fourier transform associated with the Cherednik operator on the real line (07/2016)
MIA-19-78 » Inequalities for the Hartley-Fourier cosine polyconvolution (07/2016)
OaM-11-03 » Fourier multipliers associated with singular partial differential operators (03/2017)
MIA-22-28 » Directional Heisenberg uncertainty product (01/2019)
MIA-22-57 » On the concentration of a function and its Laguerre-Bessel transform (07/2019)
OaM-15-52 » Uncertainty principles in term of supports in Hankel wavelet setting (06/2021)
MIA-25-28 » Fourier transform of variable anisotropic Hardy spaces with applications to Hardy-Littlewood inequalities (04/2022)
JMI-16-103 » q-Littlewood-Paley g-function (12/2022)
MIA-26-25 » Inequalities in time-frequency analysis (04/2023)
JCA-22-09 » Octonion windowed linear canonical transform (10/2023)