Articles containing subject class 46B25:

MIA-03-50 » On mixed Hölder-Minkowski inequalities and total convexity of certain functions in p(Ω) (10/2000)
MIA-07-47 » Lorentz spaces for decreasing rearrangements of functions on trees (10/2004)
MIA-11-01 » On n-th James and Khintchine constants of Banach spaces (01/2008)
MIA-11-15 » Remarks on a Pythagorean approach in Banach spaces (04/2008)
OaM-03-22 » Banach spaces of functions taking values in a C-algebra (09/2009)
MIA-13-29 » Some remarks on Cesàro-Orlicz sequence spaces (04/2010)
MIA-13-53 » Sharp mean triangle inequality (10/2010)
MIA-14-21 » Real and complex operator norms between quasi-Banach Lp-Lq spaces (04/2011)
MIA-18-51 » Some geometric properties of Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces generated by de la Vallée-Poussin means (04/2015)
OaM-10-10 » Multilinear variants of Grothendieck's composition theorem (03/2016)
OaM-10-16 » Closed ideals in ℒ(X) and ℒ(X*) when X contains certain copies of p and c0 (06/2016)
MIA-21-10 » Optimality of the rearrangement inequality with applications to Lorentz-type sequence spaces (01/2018)
MIA-21-64 » On the Ptolemy constant of some concrete Banach spaces (10/2018)
MIA-21-71 » Optimal weak parallelogram constants for Lp spaces (10/2018)
JMI-13-87 » 3-Variable double ρ-functional inequalities of Drygas (12/2019)
MIA-23-26 » On James type constants and the normal structure in Banach spaces (01/2020)
JMI-15-23 » A general additive functional inequality and derivation in Banach algebras (03/2021)
MIA-24-42 » On the generalized von Neumann-Jordan type constant for some concrete Banach spaces (07/2021)
JMI-16-06 » P-adic weak central Morrey spaces on differential forms (03/2022)
OaM-16-56 » Stability bounds for reconstruction from sampling erasures (09/2022)
MIA-26-09 » The generalized Gao's constant of absolute normalized norms in ℝ² (01/2023)
MIA-27-26 » Some geometric constants related to ρ-orthogonality and ρ'-orthogonality in Banach spaces (04/2024)