Articles containing subject class 46C05:

MIA-03-39 » On the Cauchy-Buniakowsky-Schwartz's inequality for sequences in inner product spaces (07/2000)
MIA-06-57 » A new generalization of Grüss inequality in inner product spaces (10/2003)
JMI-02-50 » Boundedness and compactness of a class of matrix operators in weighted sequence spaces (12/2008)
OaM-05-25 » The Bourgain-Tzafriri conjecture and concrete constructions of non-pavable projections (06/2011)
JMI-05-36 » Quadratic interpolation and some operator inequalities (09/2011)
OaM-07-06 » The Paulsen Problem in operator theory (03/2013)
OaM-07-27 » Operator-valued frame generators for group-like unitary systems (06/2013)
OaM-08-58 » Tight projections of frames on infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces (12/2014)
MIA-18-53 » 2-Hilbert C*-modules and some Grüss' type inequalities in A-2-inner product spaces (04/2015)
OaM-09-23 » Spectrally two-uniform frames for erasures (06/2015)
OaM-09-52 » One-sided star partial orders for bounded linear operators (12/2015)
DEA-08-21 » Existence of solutions for an elliptic boundary value problem via a global minimization theorem on Hilbert spaces (08/2016)
DEA-09-15 » Ulam-Hyers-Rassias stability of a nonlinear stochastic integral equation of Volterra type (05/2017)
OaM-11-20 » The effect of perturbations of operator-valued frame sequences and fusion frames on their duals (06/2017)
OaM-11-74 » Some properties of g-frames for Hilbert space operators (12/2017)
JMI-12-12 » Considerations about the several inequalities in an inner product space (03/2018)
JMI-12-75 » A Cauchy-Bunyakovsky-Schwarz type inequality related to the Möbius addition (12/2018)
JMI-13-11 » Some improved inequalities in an inner product space (03/2019)
JMI-13-15 » Some results related to Bessel's inequality in inner product spaces (03/2019)
MIA-22-78 » On the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality and several inequalities in an inner product space (10/2019)
MIA-22-82 » Inequalities of the Edmundson-Lah-Ribarič type for selfadjoint operators in Hilbert spaces (10/2019)
MIA-23-40 » Inequalities for angles between subspaces with applications to Cauchy-Schwarz inequality in inner product spaces (04/2020)
JMI-14-82 » Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for operator (p,h)-convex functions (12/2020)
MIA-24-13 » The orthogonal projections and several inequalities (01/2021)
MIA-24-26 » Inequalities from Lorentz-Finsler norms (04/2021)
MIA-24-32 » Approximate ω-orthogonality and ω-derivation (04/2021)
OaM-15-38 » Isoclinic subspaces and quantum error correction (06/2021)
OaM-15-76 » On generalized Davis-Wielandt radius inequalities of semi-Hilbertian space operators (12/2021)
OaM-16-19 » Buzano, Kreĭn and Cauchy-Schwarz inequalities (03/2022)
OaM-17-69 » Some properties of exact phase retrievable subspaces (12/2023)