Articles containing subject class 47A11:

OaM-01-14 » Spectral continuity of k-th roots of hyponormal operators (06/2007)
OaM-04-13 » Finite intertwinings and subscalarity (06/2010)
MIA-14-50 » Weyl type theorems and class A(s,t) operators (07/2011)
OaM-05-26 » On 2×2 operator matrices (09/2011)
OaM-06-32 » Ideals of compact operators with Nakano type norms in a Hilbert space (09/2012)
OaM-07-09 » Class A operators and their extensions (03/2013)
OaM-07-45 » Spectral properties between operator matrices and Helton class (12/2013)
OaM-08-53 » Properties of complex symmetric operators (12/2014)
OaM-08-54 » The behavior of the orbits of power bounded operators (12/2014)
OaM-08-67 » On the inverse-closedness of matrix subalgebras (12/2014)
OaM-09-07 » Pseudospectrum and condition spectrum (03/2015)
OaM-10-12 » Peripheral local spectrum preservers and maps increasing the local spectral radius (03/2016)
OaM-11-10 » Maps preserving the local spectrum of the skew Jordan product of operators (03/2017)
OaM-11-56 » (∞,C)-isometric operators (09/2017)
OaM-12-34 » Maps preserving the local spectrum of some matrix products (06/2018)
MIA-22-63 » (A,m)-Symmetric commuting tuples of operators on a Hilbert space (07/2019)
OaM-13-49 » Maps preserving the peripheral local spectrum of some product of operators (09/2019)
OaM-14-26 » On the local spectral properties of the left multiplication operators (06/2020)
OaM-15-11 » The g-Drazin inverses of special operator matrices (03/2021)
OaM-15-42 » Properties of J-self-adjoint operators (06/2021)
MIA-25-23 » On backward Aluthge iterates of complex symmetric operators (04/2022)
OaM-16-47 » On operators satisfying T*(T*2T2)pT ⩾ T*(T2T*2)pT (09/2022)
OaM-17-02 » Characterizations of Hopfians spaces (03/2023)
JMI-17-16 » On the local Ritt resolvent condition (03/2023)
OaM-17-19 » The stability of property (gt) under perturbation and tensor product (06/2023)
OaM-17-55 » Addendum to: On a reduction procedure for Horn inequalities in finite von~Neumann algebras (09/2023)
JMI-17-68 » On p-quasi-n-hyponormal operators (09/2023)
MIA-27-12 » Generalization of expansive operators (01/2024)
OaM-18-25 » Multiplicatively numerical range-preserving maps (06/2024)
OaM-18-26 » The operator equation AXB=X and the Fuglede-Putnam type property (06/2024)