Articles containing subject class 47B32:

OaM-01-29 » Algebraic properties of truncated Toeplitz operators (12/2007)
OaM-02-21 » Truncated Toeplitz operators on finite dimensional spaces (09/2008)
OaM-04-16 » Unbounded operators commuting with the commutant of a restricted backward shift (06/2010)
OaM-05-49 » A realization theorem for generalized Nevanlinna families (12/2011)
MIA-15-62 » New convolutions and norm inequalities (07/2012)
OaM-08-26 » Near invariance and symmetric operators (06/2014)
OaM-08-49 » Commutation relations for truncated Toeplitz operators (09/2014)
OaM-09-25 » Noncoherence of the multiplier algebra of the Drury-Arveson space H2n for n≥3 (06/2015)
OaM-11-07 » Analytic model of doubly commuting contractions (03/2017)
OaM-11-17 » Asymmetric truncated Toeplitz operators on finite-dimensional spaces (03/2017)
OaM-11-52 » Gram matrices of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces over graphs III (09/2017)
OaM-11-57 » Characterization of truncated Toeplitz operators by conjugations (09/2017)
OaM-13-01 » Essential norm of the differential operator (03/2019)
OaM-14-31 » An indefinite range inclusion theorem for triplets of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space (06/2020)
OaM-15-16 » The generalized Crofoot transform (03/2021)
OaM-15-42 » Properties of J-self-adjoint operators (06/2021)
OaM-15-96 » A functional decomposition of finite bandwidth reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces (12/2021)
OaM-16-08 » On the spectrum of complex symmetric Toeplitz operators (03/2022)
OaM-17-61 » Positive operator-valued Toeplitz operators on vector-valued generalized Fock spaces (12/2023)