Articles containing subject class 47E05:

OaM-01-20 » Indefinite Sturm-Liouville operators (sgn x)(-d2/dx2+q(x)) with finite-zone potentials (09/2007)
OaM-02-25 » On the absolutely continuous spectrum of Sturm-Liouville operators with applications to radial quantum trees (09/2008)
OaM-02-34 » Inverse problems for Sturm-Liouville operators on graphs with a cycle (12/2008)
OaM-05-47 » Non-definite Sturm-Liouville problems for the p-Laplacian (12/2011)
OaM-05-50 » The similarity problem for indefinite Sturm-Liouville operators with periodic coefficients (12/2011)
OaM-05-51 » Dirichlet forms for singular diffusion on graphs (12/2011)
OaM-07-15 » Initial value problems and Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for Schrödinger operators with operator-valued potentials (06/2013)
OaM-07-44 » Indefinite Sturm-Liouville operators with periodic coefficients (12/2013)
OaM-08-01 » Boundary data maps and Krein's resolvent formula for Sturm-Liouville operators on a finite interval (03/2014)
OaM-08-13 » Existence of maximal semidefinite invariant subspaces and semigroup properties of some classes of ordinary differential operators (03/2014)
OaM-09-51 » Asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Sturm-Liouville problems with coupled boundary conditions and transmission conditions (12/2015)
OaM-10-14 » Accumulation of complex eigenvalues of an indefinite Sturm-Liouville operator with a shifted Coulomb potential (03/2016)
OaM-11-06 » Inverse problems for a class of Sturm-Liouville operators with the mixed spectral data (03/2017)
OaM-11-25 » Estimates of eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators on the half-line with complex-valued potentials (06/2017)
OaM-12-44 » The modified Parseval equality of Sturm-Liouville problems with coupled boundary condition (09/2018)
OaM-14-66 » Random Sturm-Liouville operators with generalized point interactions (12/2020)