Articles containing subject class 94A17:

MIA-01-29 » Improvements of some bounds on entropy measures in information theory (04/1998)
MIA-02-51 » Further improvements of some bounds on entropy measures in information theory (10/1999)
MIA-04-19 » On an inequality for the entropy of a probability distribution (04/2001)
MIA-08-69 » An inequality for mixed Lp-norms (10/2005)
JMI-07-06 » Mathematical inequalities for biparametric extended information measures (03/2013)
MIA-18-47 » Radial P-th moment of a random vector (04/2015)
JMI-09-61 » Ostrowski and Trapezoid type inequalities related to Pompeiu's mean value theorem (09/2015)
MIA-19-59 » New refinements of generalized Hölder's inequality and their applications (07/2016)
OaM-10-58 » Pre-images of extreme points of the numerical range, and applications (12/2016)
MIA-20-17 » An involution inequality for the Kullback-Leibler divergence (01/2017)
MIA-20-66 » New lower bounds for arithmetic, geometric, harmonic mean inequalities and entropy upper bound (10/2017)
MIA-21-31 » On Csiszár and Tsallis type f-divergences induced by superquadratic and convex functions (04/2018)
JMI-12-30 » New refinements of Jensen's inequality and entropy upper bounds (06/2018)
JMI-12-82 » Choi-Davis-Jensen's inequality without convexity (12/2018)
MIA-22-23 » Equality cases of inequalities involving generalized Csiszár and Tsallis type f-divergences (01/2019)
JMI-13-30 » Generalized ‘useful’ non-symmetric divergence measures and inequalities (06/2019)
MIA-22-100 » Monotonicity of the Jensen functional for f-divergences with applications to the Zipf-Mandelbrot law (10/2019)
MIA-22-102 » On a Jensen-type inequality for generalized f-divergences and Zipf-Mandelbrot law (10/2019)
MIA-22-88 » New bounds for Shannon, relative and Mandelbrot entropies via Abel-Gontscharoff interpolating polynomial (10/2019)
MIA-22-98 » Converse to the Sherman inequality with applications (10/2019)
JMI-14-17 » Generalizations of cyclic refinements of Jensen's inequality by Lidstone's polynomial with applications in information theory (03/2020)
JMI-14-35 » Hermite-Hadamard, Fejer and Sherman type inequalities for generalizations of superquadratic and convex functions (06/2020)
JMI-14-85 » Superquadratic functions in information theory (12/2020)
MIA-24-08 » On a Mercer like inequality involving generalized Csiszár f-divergences (01/2021)
MIA-24-22 » Bounds for indices of coincidence and entropies (04/2021)
MIA-24-39 » How the type of convexity of the core function affects the Csiszár f-divergence functional (04/2021)
MIA-24-66 » Modulus of continuity of the quantum f-entropy with respect to the trace distance (10/2021)
OaM-16-23 » On an inequality conjectured by Besenyei and Petz (06/2022)
JMI-16-76 » Norm inequalities related to Heinz and logarithmic means (09/2022)
MIA-26-04 » On generalized Csiszár (f,g)-divergence with an application for p-majorization (01/2023)
MIA-26-23 » Sherman's functional, its properties with applications for f-divergence measure (04/2023)
JMI-17-66 » On the convexity of some trace functions (09/2023)
JMI-17-107 » An application of Ky Fan inequality: on Kullback-Leibler divergence between a probability distribution and its negation (12/2023)
JMI-18-04 » Majorization type inequalities via 4-convex functions (03/2024)
JMI-18-17 » Inequalities for functions convex on the coordinates with applications to Jensen and Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities, and to new divergence functionals (03/2024)